7 Things U.S President Do Before Launching Retargeting Campaign

launching retargeting campaign

Launching Retargeting Campaign?

Here are 7 Things you need to know before launching retargeting campaign.

We already talked about some tips on launching retargeting campaigns. To make it clearer, we decided to close up with a summary of the best practices on retargeting campaigns.

Well, you might come here because of the Mr President. Sorry for the click bait.

But we only talk about 7 things to do before launching retargeting campaign here.

Use the following advice as you design and implement retargeting strategies.

Always keep in mind that to get the benefits of your retargeting efforts, the ads must be set right.

Otherwise, you are at risk of losing reputation and creating aversion instead of having commitment and engagement.

1. Choose your Targets Wisely

Don’t retarget people who are already converted.

Your retargeting efforts should be directed to those who are not yet your customers or subscribers.

Make sure you are using the right tools to select your targets wisely.

2. When to Retarget

The precise moment to retarget depends on your audience and the sort of product you are selling.

Each niche is different, and it is hard to give a general advice. However, you can perform experiments.

Set a weekly retargeting campaign as a test.

First, retarget immediately to certain people. Then, retarget after a week to another group of people.

Then, retarget after a week to another group of people.

Finally, retarget after a month to the last group of people.

In the end of the trial phase, compare your results and you will find out when it is best to retarget for your specific market.

3. How many Ads per Person?

The number of ads per person is important. If you overexpose your brand, people will automatically block it in their minds.

That is the worst that can happen, and you must avoid it at all costs.

The best approach is to use cookies to count how many times a particular person has seen your ad.

As a general rule, 15 to 20 ads per month is acceptable for retargeting.

If you exceed this number, the risk is falling into an excess.

However, there are no rules in marketing, and some successful retargeting campaigns challenge these numbers.

A retargeting campaign that has proved effective showing more than 20 ads per month is a well-designed campaign that takes the customer through a path.

They don’t see the same ad all the time, and each new ad is meant to increase the engagement and show new information.

Only then, it is advisable to break the limit rule.

4. Creativity and a Strong Call to Action

Next, forth step out of 7 things to do before launching your retargeting campaign is to take a good care of developing creative ads.

With a strong call to action.

They are the first thing customers see on a retargeting campaign. Make them meaningful to get the best results.

Make them meaningful to get the best results.

Remember that creativity is not eternal.

The most creative designer will dry out after some time.

Mix your designers and perform a continuous rotation.

That way, they will be able to deliver a better work, with new and creative ideas.

5. Retargeting in Social Networks

Social networks are a fertile ground for retargeting campaigns with lists.

They are a great way to engage users in their everyday lives.

When you configure a retargeting campaign in a social network, you can take advantage of further segmentation, using the information that is already loaded into the system.

They are a great way to engage users in their everyday lives.

6. Choosing a Retargeting Platform

Select your retargeting platform carefully.

The best is to use one platform at a time.

If you have multiple campaigns (retargeting or non-retargeting) we strongly recommend you to adhere to a single vendor.

That way your marketing efforts will be more effective.

7. Use Analytics and Readjust the Course

As you launch your retargeting campaign, make extensive use of all the analytics the platform you are using has to offer.

Particularly during the initial stages of your campaign, you can take advantage of this information.

Remember that your retargeting campaign is not carved in stone.

You can read just the course whenever it is needed.

If some strategy has proved to be ineffective, switch to a different one.

If you do it early in the process, you will have more chances to achieve success and make a better use of your retargeting marketing budget.

As you measure the success of your campaign, keep in mind your objective.

If your retargeting campaign is meant to create awareness, then you have to pay attention to the number of impressions instead of the number of clicks you have.


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