Facebook Retargeting Campaign

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Facebook Retargeting Campaign

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms to set a retargeting campaign. Since it is a very popular social network, its usage is extensive.

It is important that you read the following information carefully so that you take the most of this valuable marketing tool.


What you need to get Started

The best way to use Facebook is a list of contacts. Your list may come from any list manager that can export it into a .CSV file. This file is uploaded directly to Facebook at the Custom Audience management section. Once it is uploaded, you can move on to your ads management and program your Facebook campaigns.


Getting the most of your Listings when you Upload them to Facebook

Some listings have more information rather than just the email. They are useful because you can further use this information to get in touch with your desired audience. Since some people make use of the same user ID across platforms, leave the field if your listing has it.

Be careful with your listings management on Facebook. If you intend to target different segments, then give them a proper name to identify which is the right list. Once the list is uploaded and given a proper name, wait at least 24 hours before you proceed to launch the campaign. The system needs time to index everyone. The biggest is your list, the more time the upload process may get.


Other ways to use a Facebook Retargeting Campaign

If you are already using a retargeting platform some have added features for Facebook management. They are prepared with all tools to connect to Facebook and other social networks. You can replicate a retargeting campaign in several places and get the results on the same platform.

When you use a specific platform, you don’t have to worry about the UTM codes or any other thing. They are embedded in your URL as part of the process. Practically all platforms offer statistics, where you can analyze the results, like impressions, clicks, conversions, and more. Having everything on the same platform can make management much easier.

Facebook Retargeting Campaign Segmentation

We recommend that you do a further segmentation of your retargeting campaign on Facebook. Since your list will be matched with Facebook profiles, there are more chances of targeting specific interests, location, age range, marital status, or any other thing you may want.

The location segmentation can be of most use if the product or service you offer is meant to be delivered physically. If you are in the United States selling food, you don’t want a potential customer from China to ask for a delivery.


Facebook Ads

Remember that there are certain restrictions on Facebook ads. Some of the most important things to manage when you are uploading a new retargeting campaign (or any other campaign) are:

  • The image should not exceed 1200×628 pixels.
  • Images with over 20% text are not allowed.
  • Check your images to avoid rejection. They must not have any play button.

Besides these tips, don’t forget to write a News Feed description. You can find it under the advanced options. This feature is often neglected but it can be of most use. It is a 200-character description of your ad.

Also, configure if you want your ad to be shown on the newsfeed of mobile devices or in the right zone of the desktop site. You may pick one or another, or even both. Think of your audience and the product you are promoting to pick the best approach.


Stats on Facebook

Get all the stats directly on Facebook. You can check the progress of your retargeting campaign easily by logging into the Facebook Advertising section. By taking a look at the CPC, CTR, reach, and clicks to your website, you can get a better idea of the effectiveness of your campaign.

Remember that stats are meant to make adjustments on the go. If something is not working, you can change the initial budget easily on the stats page on Facebook. Reassign your budget to increase the efficiency. Constant monitoring is recommended, particularly during the initial stage of your retargeting campaign.


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