Types Of Retargeting Campaigns That You Should Know!

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Types of Retargeting Campaigns and Different Online Platforms

There is a different types of retargeting campaigns and different online platforms. Next, we will talk about the objectives you could set on your retargeting campaign, and some sites where you can start your it. Chose the platform depending on your objectives and your audience’s habits.


Types of Retargeting with an Awareness Campaign

An awareness campaign is useful to recap the engagement of your previous visitors. You can use this sort of campaign to make announcements. They can be about new products, added features, or new posts where you share valuable information.

The awareness campaign is meant to generate engagement. It is the best approach for branding positioning. The final goal is to make people think of your brand first. An awareness campaign is perfect to prepare the grounds for a conversion campaign.


Analytics of an Awareness Campaign

You can measure two things when it comes to an awareness campaign. Since the objective is just to spread the word, you can get metrics on the engagement and the number of impressions you’ve achieved. This sort of campaign is not necessarily driven by clicks.


There is more than Clicks on Retargeting Campaigns

A retargeting campaign is not necessarily meant to add clicks to your count. Just the billboard showcase will help on positioning your brand. It is about generating engagement. Whenever your potential customers think of the product or services you offer, they will think of you first. If your campaign achieves that, then it is successful.

For such cases, measuring the conversion through clicks is not enough. You need to measure the number of impressions you are actually delivering. According to a recent study by comScore, retargeted advertising served to increase the brand awareness up to over a thousand percent. That is precisely what a retargeting campaign is all about.


Types of Retargeting with a Conversion Campaign

A conversion campaign has a more aggressive objective. It is meant to turn those clicks into hard money, or really close to it. The most basic sort of conversion is to turn somebody into a customer that gets your product or service. However, that is not necessarily the conversion objective. You can foresee subscriptions on your list, a free trial, or another form of freebie to generate engagement.

Once people are engaged, then go for the final conversion. It may be a follow up of any previous action. To perform the conversion process, you must have a clear call to action. That way you are going to move from the mere engagement to an actual conversion.


Types of Online Platforms for Retargeting

There are several tools when it comes to retargeting. Some of the most popular sites are:

  • Ad Roll
  • Bizo
  • Perfect Audience.
  • Retargeter

The most common social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter also have embedded retargeting tools. Some of them call them differently, but if you understand the concept you will be able to identify them and use them to your advantage.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Retargeting Platforms

We are not here to tell you which platform is good and which is not. All the sites we mentioned are reputable options. It is up to you to design the campaign and according to that, you can choose one platform or another.

If you have a strong presence in social media, that can be a great shot. The content you already have will serve to create further engagement. Since it is easy to start a discussion or simply share it, you have more chances to increase your reach. When somebody shares something in their personal wall, his followers notice. That adds credibility to your information and takes the relationship to a whole new level. The person might not be engaged 100%, but he is committed enough to share your information.

As for the use of other sites apart from social networks, they have a broader spectrum. You can see these campaigns as you browse the internet. Since there is no need to get any specifics apart from cookies, you don’t need any actual commitment from the other side. The commitment will come when you show them further information. Some of it will be useful thus acquiring conversion.




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